Our graduates are of high quality, think creatively and can live fulfilling lives.


The School of Humanities aims to produce graduates who possess knowledge with virtue and who understand the value of language and culture.

The School of Humanities offers expertise in languages for international communication and experience in the service industries, with the aim of producing graduates who possess creativity and an awareness of their social responsibilities.

  1. Provide a tertiary-level education through curricula that are modern and meet the needs of society.

  2. Produce graduates who possess creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and feel part of the international community, in accordance with the identity of Bangkok University.

  3. Develop modern teaching and learning methods to encourage the development of creativity, with an emphasis on learner-centered methodology.

  4. Encourage morality and ethics in the areas emphasized by the university: social conscience, harmony and faith in the nation, religion and king.

  5. Promote research and dissemination of research nationally and internationally.

  6. Provide academic services of a high quality to society.

  7. Promote the preservation of arts and culture in order to encourage creativity through the conservation and dissemination of knowledge and to organize such activities continuously.

  8. Constantly develop administrative efficiency.


  1. To produce graduates with knowledge and ability in the fields of Thai language, English language, Chinese language, tourism management, hotel management and airline management.

  2. To produce graduates with awareness of the value of languages and culture and who possess creativity.

  3. To produce graduate with entrepreneurial spirit who are able to follow their careers and lives as members of society with quality and morality.

  4. To produce graduates who possess the knowledge and ability to study at higher levels.

  5. To produce research in the fields of language, culture and the tourism, hotel and airline industries which has the quality to be accepted nationally and internationally.

  6. To produce research and researchers that meet the requirements of the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment.

  7. To provide academic services to organization both inside and outside the university and to be an academic support for society.

  8. To provide projects and activities that support arts, culture and creativity.

  9. To be part of networks of academic cooperation within the country and abroad.


Color Board

The school’s colour is gold representing light, prosperity and the beginning of life.

The symbol consists of:

  • The pencil representing knowledge of languages

  • The building representing academic strength and harmony in being Thai and part of the wider world

  • The diamond representing integration through being Thai and part of the international community